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Our Innovation Team works with colleagues across the Altair Group and external partners to create technology solutions from the synergy of ideas, technical expertise, programming skill and a lot of teamwork.

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Beacon is a governance, risk and compliance tool which Cyan Regulatory have developed in partnership with Decision Focus. Beacon facilitates the production and maintenance of compliance framework documents, together with governance reporting, for both Administrators and regulated clients (e.g. funds, Schedule 2 businesses and managed trust companies), thereby generating significant efficiencies and enabling the effective management of risk. 

Beacon covers core compliance matter including: 

  • Creation and maintenance of Business Risk Assessments (BRAs) 

  • Creation, tracking and completion of Compliance Monitoring Plans (CMPs) 

  • Complaints, breaches and error tracking and remediation 

  • Action tracking 

  • Regulatory change management 

  • Governance reporting 


We are currently in our final development stage, so please contact us if you would like further information or to arrange a demo. 

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MaxAMLian or ‘Max’ is an experimental AML/CFT/CPF chatbot which was developed by Cyan Regulatory and Blue Llama in 2024. Max has been trained on over 250,000 words from AML/CFT/CPF legislation, regulation and guidance issued by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and is able to provide a summary of the requirements and links to the relevant documents.  


The public version of Max is free to use, and we always love hearing feedback, so let us know what you think! 


Building on the understanding gained through the design of Max, and working in conjunction with Blue Llama, we are able to assist firms seeking to implement their own in-house AI-powered assistants. These assistants can provide a firm’s personnel with clear answers on the firm’s policies, procedures and staff handbooks, as well as referencing applicable legal and regulatory requirements, thereby freeing up compliance, HR and other “helpdesk” personnel. 

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Altair Insight is our innovative governance application which combines a number of tools which can assist independent directors with:  

  • Tracking of client-related activities, such as meetings, minutes, written resolutions, ratifications and action points; 
  • Client and underlying structure information with quick and easy data look-up; 
  • Internal compliance workflows for the take-on, review and termination of clients; 
  • Proprietary risk model which calculates the client risk level and triggers reviews and assessments.  


When using Altair Insight, Directors can spend significantly less time on administrative tasks and therefore can focus on value-adding work including strategic oversight, key decision-making, rapid response to external change and core governance activities. 


Insight is currently our internal governance tool, but we will always consider your use case so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we may be able to assist. 

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