Invaluable Insight from Directors with Extensive Experience at the Top of the Industry

The world has changed. The new world order which emerged from the financial crisis demands a higher level of professionalism and integrity.  Directors need to be fully aware of the complex regulatory landscape with an understanding of the requirements placed specifically on funds with corporate governance and risk management not only an essential tool of the board director’s trade but their responsibility.

Board composition has been brought into sharp focus as a result of increasing investor awareness.  Independence and diversity are mandatory.

At Altair, there is more of a return on your investment.  Our directors are all professionally qualified and experienced practitioners. We build relationships based on trust and transparency. Board papers will be read and understood. Risk structures will be put in place to reflect your structure yet not reinvent the wheel.  You will reap the benefit of our analytical skills and independence of thinking. We have the capability to challenge as well as to support.

Altair promotes best practice and has developed a professional infrastructure around its services, incorporating policies, procedures and control systems designed to meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements and the highest standards of corporate governance.