Set sail Trust Pilot Cutters Event

Andreas Tautscher 24 July 2019 Category: The Magpie Trust

Altair Guernsey together with our Charitable Foundation Magpie were pleased to support the Set Sail Trust Pilot Cutters event. This annual event is focussed on giving primary school children and youth clubs the opportunity to learn about sailing in a 19th century pilot cutter, with nearly 700 participating over two weeks. The schools also use this to raise awareness of an aspect of marine life and this year the focus has been on plastic in the oceans. The Trust’s co-founder is Andreas Tautscher, one of Altair’s Directors.

As well as supporting this great cause Altair was also able to use one of the boats to take a number of clients out for an evening’s sailing’

 Cutter event pic1

Boat with sails

Boat from behind

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