Plenty of Green Fingers at Samares School

Julia Chapman 29 September 2016 Category: The Magpie Trust

Samarès School was a hive of activity recently as the staff of Altair helped prepare the ground for the school’s kitchen garden project in preparation for the winter months ahead.

Over the summer holidays the garden had become very overgrown, so Altair staff donned their gardening gloves and volunteered to weed the raised beds and surrounding areas, cutting back bushes, laying a new path to the pond and generally give a helping hand so the garden was ready for the children to plant their winter crop.

The school children had sown seeds earlier on in the year and maintained the garden (and the chickens!) and were rewarded with an excellent crop of vegetables, including carrots, spring onions, tomatoes and 21lbs of potatoes which they were able to sell at their school summer fête. 

The garden project is part of the Caring Cooks Jersey incentive that launched the Jamie Oliver Kitchen Garden Project early in 2016 which also supports two other local schools, encouraging school children in Key Stages 1 and 2 to plant fruit and vegetables which will be harvested and used by the school to get the children cooking produce they have grown.

This new programme, which is endorsed by the Department of Education, and fully supported by the Minister for Education, Rod Bryans, will address issues such as giving children the tools they need to grow food from seed, giving them a clear understanding of food, what is good for them, to preparing nutritious meals from scratch and equipping them with some of life’s most valuable skills.

Please visit if you would like to learn more or get involved with this inspiring charity.

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